Terms and Conditions admin February 6, 2020

1. Name and proposed research topic of Awardees of grants would be published on the ARAFoundation website.

2. Awardees of grants are expected to make a post on the X social media (Twitter) acknowledging receipt of grants. The @arafarms and @arafoundation handles should be tagged. (Not compulsory)

3. Grant MUST BE REDEEMED from the farm latest a month after announcement of winners. Failure to do so will result in the termination of the grant.

4. If unsuccessful, you can reapply for grant the next month.

5. Our panel of Researchers (which comprise of Lecturers and professionals from various Universities across Nigeria) hold the right to determine who and who should be awarded the monthly grants.

We are a non profit organization (funded by ARAFarms.org)

out to support biomedical research in Nigeria.